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Qian Yuan is a senior art director based in Shanghai, China. She currently works in the advertising industry...

Science Book

The Solar Terms, or “二十四节气” ( Twenty-Four Periods of Ch’i ) as it called by Chinese, is a calendar invented to guide agricultural in ancient China. Chinese lunar calendar is a combination of lunar and solar calendar, it means that it is formulated according to the operation of both sun and moon. This calendar cannot reflect the sun cycle strictly which is a necessary guide to agricultural. So the solar terms was added to Chinese calendar later. It can reflect the change of the seasons, guide agricultural activities and influence people’s everyday life. There are 24 of them and each solar term is further divided into 3 parts and their names are also derived from general observations of ecological, climatic agricultural or animal activities.

Here showing some ways about how to read this book. It can be read in many other ways too. It depends on you really. I hope this format is flexible enough. Personally, I like the way when put it into a circle, it shows how seasons changing on Earth by showing the colours changing visually.