Visual Work

Qian Yuan is a senior art director based in Shanghai, China. She currently works in the advertising industry...

Independent Bookshops Association in London

I like to visit those small independent bookshops in London. I found that these bookshops are really worth going, the atmosphere inside the shops, kind stuffs and their useful advices, the chances you could find rare books. But nowadays, lots of people choose to ignore these bookshops and buy everything online. I'm not trying to argue what's right or what's wrong. I just want to take this opportunity to show the beauty of these bookshops.

I thought about a concept, which is these bookshops belong to an Independent Bookshops Association, but they will still keep their own features, the promotion part could hand over to this association. So what I tried to do is branding the association. I took the 10 bookshops I chose as examples, which have different identities and I did interviews with the shop owners or the stuffs, and I asked for their permission to take pictures. The final outcomes are publications for each bookshop, loyalty cards and tote bags.